Firstly we will arrange a consultation to review the project. At the consultation we will give you potential design solutions and outline how the project can be realized. A design consideration questionnaire will help to start the dialogue for your project. Consultation fees will be discussed prior to scheduling a meeting.

design development phase

From the consultation we can make arrangements to create design development plans. This process starts by defining the priorities and program of the design. We place great importance on this phase for each project. This is where the real creative energy of the design is shaped and expressed.

working drawings

Once the design development is completed and agreed upon, concept drawings can be created. These drawings are used by a landscape contractor or the client to accurately install the garden as it is drawn.  Fees charges are, of course, dependent on the scale and complexity of the project.

installation assistance

After the concept plans are drawn and a contractor selected, we are, of course, available to assist with the installation of the project. This includes ensuring that the contractors install the garden as it is drawn, and helping to make any necessary adjustments. Fees are generally calculated as a percentage of the installed cost of the landscape.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the design process or our work. Feel free to contact us at:

Late Afternoon Garden Design, a garden and landscape design firm in Ukiah, California, serving Northern California and the Bay Area. Design principle Nicholas Thayer has assisted numerous architects, contractors, and homeowners, including Michelle Kaufmann, Sam Sinnott, and Scott Prentice.  The mkLotus show house at West Coast Green and The Late Show Gardens are among their most recent show gardens.  From estate gardens to postage stamp city lots to roof top terraces Late Afternoon Garden Design has the experience and skill to create truly beautiful and functional spaces for people. 

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